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The 110% You Are Able to Give

Quite often, when we watch sports players, we get amazed by their skills and abnormal capabilities. However, at the same time, we are left amazed by their incapability in certain situations. There are many factors which influence human performance. Some of these are external factors, like, in this case, the audience, the support, the team members and many other similar factors. When all these are in perfect sync, producing nothing but positive energy, people pushed by it can perform more than expected. However, at the same time, when negative energy influences us, we can perform worse than we can even expect.

Therefore, external factors are capable of influencing us significantly. When provided adequate stimulation, we are capable of achieving results which are not realistic for us otherwise, giving our 110% in the effort necessary for completing certain tasks. Again, sport players are best examples for this since they often amaze us by their agility, efforts and perseverance. Nevertheless, you yourself can be that amazing person too, given the right push.

Pushing Yourself Forward

In the same manner as the one mentioned above, we can perform better when we are given adequate stimulation. Of course, since we rarely do anything right in the modern world, superiors use abnormal amounts of stress over their employees in order to increase their performance. Logically, this is counter-productive since people break under excessive pressure and get sick or even die in the long run, due to excessively stressful lifestyle. Therefore, a different approach is necessary.

Since no one can push you like you can push yourself, you need a good tactic. Know your limits, but also know your capabilities. Also, know how to enable yourself motivation necessary for achieving this extra you know you can. Stress can be used in positive ways, through healthy competition, organized teamwork and many other factors. Just because you are taught that this world is a jungle where dog eat dog is the main rule, this hardly makes life such. Look outside of the box and use positive encouragement in order to force yourself towards advancement.

You need determination and willingness to exit your comfort zone in order to achieve more. However, with no risks and negative expectations, you can manage whatever you want to achieve, solely through pushing yourself forward. Thus, do not be afraid to give something extra for your personal advancement. Just do not use other people negatively during the process.

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