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Emotions Control Us

We, being humans are significantlycontrolled by many different emotions. Thus, if we are exposed to situationswhich make us feel comfortable, we will be prone to positiveemotions. At the same time, if we happen to be exposed to negativestimulants, we are more likely to express negative emotions.

Thus, we are influenced by the worldaround us, which is a trigger to our moods end emotions per se.However, our own interpretation of all these signals is crucial aswell. So, there are ways of changing our outlook on the world so thatwe can think more positively and enjoying the emotions such as happiness.

The science that deals with this subject is called neurolinguisticprogramming, or, shortly NLP, while the method is called anchoring.Many people have managed to control their emotions through thisapproach. Read on in order to learn how to better your lifesubsequently.

Anchoring and NLP

We emotionally anchor things in ourlife, for better or worse. For example, we know that, once we see ared light in traffic, we should stop. Also, many of us connecttalking to their superiors with negative emotions and perceive thisas frustrating. So, we anchor different things we are exposed to, todifferent emotions.

All that NLP uses here, is a bit ofreprogramming, where you are taught to create different emotionalconnections with the things you get exposed to, making them morepositive. This way, you will act differently and be more successfulin controlling your emotions productively. Also, you will be capableof triggering specific emotions when and where you need them.

The whole process bases itself uponremembering past experiences you wish to anchor to some other ones.Then, you are to remember the exact way you felt when something nicehappened to you in the past. Later, you are to learn how to revokethe exact feeling upon being exposed to something negative, fightingit off, using your positive reinforcement of this type as amotivation.

Basically, you will be able to laugh insituations where you would usually cry. Therefore, you will becapable of controlling your emotions completely. This will changeyour outlook on life and make you less prone to negative emotions,which will have a significantly positive impact on every day of yourfuture existence. Therefore, NLP and anchoring is really somethingwhich deserves your attention, since these methods may be all youneed for making life more to your liking.

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