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Happiness Depends upon You

Quite often, we bury ourselves indepths of despair and numerous negative emotions, for variousreasons. Surely, life is not always all fun, games and perfection andthere are times when things get really tough, but it all goes awaysooner or later. Therefore, no use crying over spilled milk, get onwith your life and give your best to do things which will make youhappy and satisfied since this is the only thing that matters.Running away from reality is the worst thing you can do. Many peopledesire to hide in alcohol consumption. This, however, is for the weakand self-destructive. Nobody should spend their lives destroyingthemselves when they can stay happy and positive by changing someparts of their lifestyles and their overall outlook regarding theworld around them.

How to Stay away from Sorrow andAlcohol

The first thing you need to do is tosurround yourself with positive and happy people. We, humans, aresocial beings. Therefore, we need to interact with others, make andbreak relationships, fall in and out of love etc. All these thingsare a part of life. Thus, accept people as flawed, since no one isperfect, and learn how to enjoy all the time you spend with otherpeople, making it a happy, cheerful and productive period.

Next, beware of the negativestimulants. Take television, for example. There are numerous programswhich can make you sad and depressed. Humanstupidity and the utter downfall of social values is clearly visiblethrough mass media and popular culture. Rise above it and skip thesekinds of programs. Rather, listen to music, watch scientific channelsetc.

Also, be organized. Life is too shortto spend it wondering what to do next or having nothing to do atall. Make lists of goals, interests and schedules, experiencing allthe enjoyment, advancement, learning and having fun you can.Challenge your mind constantly and work on perpetualself-improvement.

Additionally, believe in something. Itdoes not have to be a fictional or real deity. You can start frombelieving in yourself. You need this positive spirituality since itis the source of motivation.

Finally, express yourself throughhobbies, creativity and physical engagement. Exercise, keep your bodyactive, eat healthy and lead a colorful life, knowing many people,being skillful and capable of doing many different things and being curious about many different aspects of this world's knowledge. Onceyou learn how, regardless of all the negativity humans create, thisworld can still be a place of flawless beauty, stay positive and leada happy and satisfied life, far away from alcohol.

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