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Stress and Human Culture

The human population of this planet isquite rich in diversity. So, we are all members of differentcommunities and groups of people. Many times different culturesperceive life differently. For example, religion influences one'sview and understanding of life. Thousands of different religionspresent in the world give us thousands of different ways of livingsubsequently.

In the same way, people have variousunique methods for understanding and coping with stress. Stress,frustration, nervousness and all negative factors which gohand-in-hand with this phenomenon can lead people to illness, sorrowand, in the long run, even death.

Our culture perceives stress as amotivator for performing more. Since we live in a monetary system,where profit is everything, stress is very useful since it makes youtry harder and settle for less, making others earn more.

Fortunately, not all human cultures areso sadistic and selfish, and they understand that stress is a killer,trying hard to fight it instead of using it against each other, likewe do.

For example, African peopletraditionally believe that nothing is as important as leading astress-free life. Therefore, they are prepared to sacrificeeverything they have in order to enable themselves such a positivelife.

Learn from History

The African tribes mentioned above usedmany stress reliefs which are still effective today. They used music,singing and dancing for bettering their mood, relaxing themselves andhaving a good time, spending time with the people they love and feelgood with. Music was used even while working, making the wholeprocess more creative and benign. Today, music is forbidden inoffices and other workplaces since it may divert your thoughts fromslaving entirely.

Also, people from these tribes spentmore time together, sharing experiences and helping each other withproblems. This had a great therapeutic effect, since they werecalmer this way, being closer to each other, having many friends theycould relate to and feeling that they belong somewhere. Today, we areall estranged and fear opening our hearts to one another, since wemight use each other for personal gain. Again, selfishness and hungerfor possessions has made us prone to stress, isolation and inhumanebehavior.

Finally, perceive stress as bad. Thus,do not indulge into it conforming with your culture. We inventedstress, money, possessions and all other things which make our lifemiserable. However, true purpose of life is being happy, surroundedwith people you love and care about, having a good, happy time,cheering, laughing and loving. Don't you ever forget that.

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