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Every person in the world wants to have nice and beautiful hair, especially women. A thick and long hair is a sign of good health as well. In many cases of people who suffer from thinning hair, hair loss and even premature graying are signs that there is something wrong with their health. A lot of people lose hair due to the way they lead their life. Stress and poor nutrition are two main reasons for hair loss. Thinning hair occurs usually because of hormonal imbalance. Every person who experiences one of these problems wonders how he or she can treat it. The treatment depends on the underlying cause of the problem.

There are various ways a person can fight hair loss. Most popular are the use of medications, nutritional supplements, hormone replacement therapy and hair care products. A certain drug that is used quite often is spironolactone or Aldactone. This drug is mostly used by the people who experience pattern hair loss and growth of excessive facial hair because of the increased production of androgens.

How does Aldactone work?

Aldactone is a water pill which people use to remove the excess fluid from the blood stream and tissues. Apart from this, people also use it to control high blood pressure and hypertension. However, many female use it because of hair loss. The main reason how that is possible is because the drug is anti-androgen.

Even though women have less testosterone than men, their amount increases during menopause and because of some other reasons. At that time the levels of estrogen declines. Estrogen blocks the androgens from binding to the receptors in hair follicles. When there is too much estrogen, the level of testosterones increases and the dihydrotestosterone levels increase as well. This is what leads to pattern hair loss in women and androgenetic alopecia as well. A person can prevent this from happening by consuming Aldactone because it will prevent DHT from binding to the hair receptors.

Is it safe to use Aldactone?

In cases when the doctor determines that a woman is losing hair due to androgen effects, he or she will prescribe the patient with anti-androgens like Aldactone for instance. A woman who is prescribed with it should mention any medications she might be using at the moment.

Men are not prescribed with this drug because it may cause a lack of sex drive, breast enlargement and even impotence. Women may also experience certain side effects. A woman who experiences kidney problems, inflamed stomach, abdominal cramps, vomiting, diarrhea, menstrual irregularities and hives should go to the hospital.

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