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Information on Baldness

Baldness is a medical condition in which a person lacks hair or has no hair at all, and it usually occurs on the head. Alopecia or the male pattern baldness is the most common form of this medical condition. There is also a female pattern alopecia. Patchy hair loss also known as alopecia areata should not be confused with the aforementioned medical conditions. Extreme cases of these medical conditions may involve complete hair loss on the head or other body parts. Pattern baldness largely depends on genetic background. Environmental factors also exist, but they do not contribute that much. There is also a male baldness pattern also known as the receding hairline, but it is usually seen in males. Bald patches and such medical conditions are usually triggered by DHT which is a very powerful sex hormone and it is also in charge of hair growth. This hormone actually initiates a process called follicular miniaturization in which the hair shafts gradually get decreased until they become virtually nonexistent.


Propecia is a certain type of oral prescription medication which is commonly used for the prevention of hair loss and the treatment of male pattern baldness. In most cases, this medicament has shown positive results and provided the patients with the promised treatment. Propecia is supposed to be used only by men, as children and women should use it only in extreme cases. Propecia is very efficient in treating hair loss because it contains an ingredient called finasteride which is known for reducing the amounts of the aforementioned DHT hormone in the scalp.

Propecia is meant to be used only for the re-growth of hair on the head, so if the user notices any hair re-growth on any other body locations, he should seek immediate medical attention. Propecia commonly comes in the form of 1 milligram tablets and should always be used and dosed according to the doctor’s directions and instructions. The dosage usually involves taking a tablet a day on a regular daily basis. The tablet is meant to be swallowed with a glass of water. There are no food restrictions concerning the ingestion of the tablet. The treatment usually provides the person with first results only after three months of regular usage.

Side effects

As is the case with all different types of medications, Propecia may be associated with certain types of side effects. Those side effects are usually reflected as a decreased amount of semen, decreased sex drive and difficulty in achieving an erection. Certain other side effects may include swollen face, swollen lips, testicular pain, hives, itching, skin rash, breast tenderness and breast swelling.

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