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Hair loss in men

Hair loss is something that many men have to cope with. While in the pats the hair loss was something undesirable and distressful form many men, nowadays it is not taken so seriously. Everyday we can see the men with the clean-shaved head who look very attractive. However, there are also those who become concerned when they become aware that their hair starts to fall out.

In man, the hair begins to fall out due to the increased sensitivity to androgens in the particular parts of the scalp. Androgens are the sex hormones in the males, which circulate throughout the male body, shrinking the hair follicles from which the hairs grow. As a consequence, the hair follicles are significantly reduced and they are unable to restore the hair. Hair loss in men is also a hereditary condition and can be inherited from the parents.

It is observed that hair loss affects men in their 20s and 30s. There are certain products that the men use when they notice that their hair is beginning to fall out and one such product is called Propecia.

Propecia finasteride

Once the hair loss occurs, the men usually opt for the finasteride, which is the drug that promotes the regrowth of the hair in males. Finasteride is well known under the brand name Propecia. This drug has the role to decrease the levels of the androgens in the male body, thus preventing the hair follicles to shrink. However, when one chooses to use this medicine to treat the hair loss problem, it is important to get true information about it since this medicine has side effects and can interfere with certain medicines.

Propecia is made only for men, which means that women and children should not take it. Furthermore, the men who have to undergo prostate screening should not take this drug either, since it can affect the results of the test. The dosage of this medicine should be prescribed by the doctor, but usually one tablet of 1mg is taken every day. The results can be seen after 3 to 6 months of taking Propecia.

Propecia has several side effects, and men who take it may experience lack of sexual desire, erectile dysfunction, breast enlargement and low sperm count as some of the most severe ones. Furthermore, rash, itching and pain in the testicles may also appear in the men who consume Propecia to treat hair loss.

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