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A majority of men will suffer from hair loss according to the facts, studies and analysis. The fact is that most men will lose hair when they reach certain age. That is the reason why people are looking for various ways to prevent that from happening. There are different stages of hair loss. According to some, a person can do various things in these stages in order to prevent hair loss. Certain experts have come up with a list of six steps a person should follow in order to prevent a hair loss.

Six steps

In the first step a person should make sure that he or she knows what phase of hair loss he or she is in at the moment. There are several stages and a person needs to make sure whether it is a preliminary stage or it is some of the other phases. People who are not 100% sure should check with the doctor. If the hair is in the preliminary phase of hair loss a person will experience a receding hairline at the temple and usually in the crown. In a majority of cases hair loss in this stage can be treated but a person should know that he or she may experience a decrease in hair loss after the treatment. In step three a person will look for a drug therapy that will help him or her in decreasing hair loss. Propecia is a good option because it reduces the levels of dihydrotestosterones which are probably the main cause of hair loss. In step four a person is experiencing the next phase of hair loss. In this phase a person is experiencing a progressive balding at the top of the scalp and also in the crown. A person in this stage should consider about using a hair piece and still continue using the drug therapy. Step five consists of massive hair loss. A person who reaches this phase should think about hair transplant surgery. Step six is the last phase of hair loss. A person who is in this phase has lost most of the hair. Even at this stage a person can still opt for hair transplant surgery. Tips and warnings

A person should know that it is essential that hair loss is identified in its early stages. However, most severe cases of hair loss cannot be treated. A person should always consult the doctor before starting a treatment. People might make a mistake and even suffer from certain side effects. Choosing a product that is within the budget is also important. Before choosing the product a person should make a proper research.

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