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Mother We Seem To Have Forgotten about

Allergies are still quite a mysteriousfit, which has become more and more widespread, rising hand-in-handwith the systematic destruction of Earth we seem to be prone tolately. Namely, there is a possibility that our estrangement from thevery source of our life can have a direct impact on our health. Inmore advanced societies, there are more health problems related toallergies. This makes us aware that something is wrong.

Now, this has nothing to do with thehuman progress and people should not go back to simple lives with noachievements at all. Still, the means we use for progress areself-destructive, to say the least. Thus, perhaps we should stop fora second and try to realize the connection between the ever-growingnumber of allergies present in the world and our own destruction ofthe planet. There is a connection, whether we want to accept it or not.Yet, there is still time to fix this and end the estrangement beforeit becomes too late.

Become One, Again

In today's world of technologicalbreakthroughs and incredible advancements, we, constantly troubled byour god complex, have managed to separate ourselves from naturecompletely. Natural is considered obsolete, unnecessary and old,while technology is considered progressive and human. So, we forgetwhere we came from and give our best to deny our origins, destroyingthe very planet we were born in, as if we have nothing in common withit.

If we are to take these factors inconsideration, it is no wonder we are allergic to nature since wehave made ourselves foreigners on our own planet, denying the naturalfor so long now. Our bodies have forgotten how to deal with natureand have become incompatible to its stimulants. Therefore, we haveturned allergic to nature, since we have made our nervous systemsseparated from it.

Finally, in order for the balance to berestored, the connection between human and natural must be broughtback to life. Through accepting nature once again and exposingourselves to the harmony of it, we can renew once lost bonds and endour allergic reactions to something so similar to us.

However, we have gone a long way in awrong direction. Therefore, we have many things to set straight.Still, with proper motivation, a will for a better life and a life insynchronization with nature, we can hope that, one day, our childrenwill be one with their mother once again.

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