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About Allergies

Allergies are very common these days, even more than theywere decade or two before. Perhaps the most likely reasons for escalation ofvarious allergies are the things we now live with every day of our lives. Smokeand other air pollutants, as well as different byproducts of manufacturer and chemicalproduction are something we are normally faced with. Also, add additivespresent in the food we eat, some artificial dyes from both food and drinks andvarious fragrances and you will have at least the part of the picture why peoplesuffer from so many allergies.

Also, there are some people allergic to pollen or pets, aswell as to certain food. Some are so sensitive that even cutting with the knifeor on the board that touched the allergen can cause health problems in them.

Allergies are result of over-action of your immune system tocertain substances known as allergens. When you come into contact withallergens, your immune system react producing large quantities of histamine, whichis then responsible for effects of allergy in and on your body. Runny nose,sneezing, watery and itching eyes, redness of the skin and even breathingproblems or asthma are some of the signs of allergic reaction, all provoked byallergens and caused by histamine. Anaphylactic shock is the most severe formof allergic reaction, and it must be taken care of immediately or the personmight die.

Natural Remedies for People Suffering from Allergies

Naturopaths usually suggest taking remedies containinggarlic, echinacea, ephedra, quercetin or singing nettle when someone hasallergy. Nasal washes and nasal sprays with saline solution are also some ofthe choices of people suffering from allergies.

To relieve allergies many people allergic to pollen andother air born substances wear surgical masks during the critical time of theyear and they find it very helpful. Using the honey or goat milk from the sameregion you live in is also found to be very effective remedy against variousallergies.

Pet allergies, especially if you’re the pet owner can beresolved or at least decreased by placing the pet to the other part of thehouse and installation of hardwood floors instead of carpets.

Food allergies are very hard sometimes. If you are allergicto some nuts, even if the cheese was placed near these nuts and then served toyou, it might provoke an allergic reaction, so you better be careful.

Antihistamine tablets with decongestant substances are alsouseful, for those who don’t mind taking pills or can’t find anything else which could help.

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