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Facts about Pollution

Pollution is derived from the verb to pollute, which means to foul. Therefore, through many different aspects of pollution, being natural or man-made, this world is being exposed to factors negative for its own existence and the existence of its inhabitants. So, there are several different kinds of pollution, affecting different parts of the living world on our planet.

Types of Pollution

First of all, there is noise, being a pollutant. Regardless of where you live, some kind of noise will bother you and prevent you from living a healthy, happy life. Basically, noise pollution encompasses pollutants stemming from human factors such as the sounds of construction workers in the city streets, the loud vehicles we use daily, explosives, loud music etc. As for nature, it has its share of noises too. Volcanoes, winds, ocean and animal sounds all can interfere with the serene lives of people who live nearby. Moreover, the human noise factor is present even in places which are not highly developed industrially. For example, printing shops, car repair facilities, grinding and many other activities can still emit noise which can be capable of negatively influencing the people around. Speaking of negative influence, noise has been proven to raise cholesterol levels in our blood, prevent us from sleeping, irritate and annoy us, triggering increased adrenaline production and making us prone to heart attacks and strokes or even nervous breakdowns.

Next is water pollution. Basically, natural waters around us are full of different forms of life. When we expose it to our plastic products like bottles, metal cans and various other pollutants they affect the life in rivers, oceans, seas and other waters negatively. Moreover, many people and industries get rid of the synthetic chemicals they use by throwing these into water. Since these chemicals are poisonous, they harm all kinds of life that exists in water.

Yet, the circle of our pollution does not end there. Air pollution is a factor which should attract our attention more, before it is too late. Air pollution is the process of harmful substances being present in our atmosphere, endangering the health of people, plants and animals around. Moreover, air pollution destroys the ozone layer of our atmosphere, affecting the climate. As for the human factors, exhaust gases are the main problem. Vehicles and other petrol, wood or oil operated machines emit carbon monoxide, capable of making us confused and sleepy. Cigarettes produce the same gas. When we burn coal and natural gases, we produce carbon dioxide.

Additionally, our house appliances like air conditioning devices emit chloroflorocarbons, which again rise up to the atmosphere, bind with other gases and destroy the ozone layer gradually, increasing the amount of UV radiation we get exposed to subsequently. Petrol, diesel, batteries, paints, dyes and other products consist of lead which can cause cancer, digestive problems and nervous system damage if we get exposed and poisoned by it. Also, we produce nitrogen oxide, the source of acid rains and smog. Sulphur dioxide and suspended particulate matter contribute to the process.

Finally, many aspects of our industry and progress involve polluting the world around us. Industries release harmful substances in the air and the water, we throw our trash and chemical waste out in nature and so on.

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