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What are We Eating?

If you are reading this feelingcomfortable since you have just come back from the supermarket withbags full of groceries, fruits and vegetables, you might think again.Namely, when we consider eating vegetables and fruits, we arethinking about original forms of these nutritive substances.Unfortunately, this is rarely present nowadays, since all the food weeat is processed to a very high percent. As for the fruits andvegetables, these have been exposed to hormones, pesticides,pollution and unnatural growing methods. All these things have takentheir toll on the quality of food we consume these days, making it afar cry from what we consider it to be. Therefore, you might not restassured that you are eating healthy only if you are buying the rightfood. The notion food has taken quite a different embodiment theselast years, and so has health. This, of course, is to be interpretedquite negatively. Read on to find out why.

Why Is This So?

There is one simple reason for allthese things happening to our food. Money. Well, actually, it ishuman greed, tightly connected with personal profit, regardless ofthe effect. This can be reflected on a larger scale since human greedis one of the worst things that have ever affected this planet.

Basically, people use science toincrease their profit and create more or less artificial food whichcost less money and takes less time to be produced. At the same time,we, pressured by the lack of money, again imposed by those who arehungry for profits, want to spend less of our income on food.Thereby, we choose these products, at the same time ruining thenatural industry. We choose unhealthy over healthy, for the sake ofour imaginary papers of value. Yet, health is not imaginary and weare bound to feel the impact of our choices sooner or later.

Subsequently, our bodies becomejunkyards for various chemicals we consume, since these are easilyaffordable and keep our stomachs full. Unfortunately, this story endsin a graveyard sooner than it is supposed to end, since many of usare unlikely to open their eyes and think about their health and thehealth of humanity as a whole.

Change Your Ways

Open your eyes and all of your senses,guided by a common sense. Buy food from farmers or organic food stores.Additionally, never buy food which is packed in an expensive box or asimilar container. This usually means that a bigger company is behindits production, immediately signifying that the food is processed andseverely artificial. The same goes for supermarkets which you shouldavoid. Finally, read the ingredient lists on products and leave thosewith too many illegible chemicals right there on the shelves. Theworld, as it is, does not want to take good care of you. You got todo this yourself.

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