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Don't Kill Your Planet

Constant air pollution is one of themain things causing the decay of nature and, thereby, the gradualdestruction of our planet's ecosystem. We drive cars, release exhaustfumes, throw waste and do many other things recklessly thinking thatnature will be able to cope with it. Well, it seems we have gone toofar, and are well pass the point of no return. Thus, all we can do isreduce the damage we do and stop further advancements of ournegligence. It takes a small individual effort in order to save ourplanet. When countless individuals decide to help, the change would besignificant. Thus, think about it today, for a better tomorrow andlet our children learn from our mistakes instead of repeating them.

Air Pollution vs Solution

First and foremost, we emit most of theair pollution through the vehicles we use. Motor cars, airplanes,trucks and many others contribute to this pollution daily. In orderto make a necessary change and save our planed from suffocating, weneed to reduce our driving sessions and concentrate more onnature-friendly ways of traveling. Thus, use your car when you mustand make sure you walk or drive a bicycle every time you can. You cando the shopping on foot, or order the things you need online. As forjob commuting, carpooling or traveling by means of publictransportation are both an excellent choice, since, this way you willdecrease pollution since you will introduce less cars in the traffic.

Additionally, do not cross speed limitsand make sure you increase speed gradually, reducing emissions ofexhaust fumes. Finally, by new cars if you can, keep your tiresinflated, install all the filters and helpful anti-pollution add-onsfor your car and do not overdo it at the pump by pouring moregasoline than you actually need.

You can save the planet's air from yourhousehold as well. Avoid using fossil fuels for heating. Rather, useelectricity, gasoline or natural gas for these purposes.Nevertheless, electricity is mostly gained through burning fossilfuels. So, be careful about using electricity and keep your planetair as clean as possible. Therefore, insulate your house and some ofyour appliances, use low-pollution devices, turn off the lights whenyou leave the room and use fans instead of air conditioners. Also,dry your clothes naturally, and use your water reasonably.

On days when the air is more pollutedthan usually, do not contribute to the status quo. Do not drive, oruse a lot of energy using appliances. Also, for your own health, donot expose yourself to excessive physical activity since you mightbreathe in the harmful particles in the air. Finally, spread the wordabout air pollution negativity, and give your best to save ourplanet and ourselves by educating others.

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