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Is It Healthy?Is It Clean?

We have now reached a state where wehave been inhabiting this planet long enough to destroy its natural,healthy water supplies. Of course, since it seems that the only thingwe believe in is money, we sell our nature to each other, making theunhealthy water healthy again through various chemical processes.Since, this way, people are paying both for the tap water they usefor washing, bathing and other things, and the bottled water used fordrinking, the water industry has become quite an empire earningbillions on a yearly basis.

However, the quality of the bottledwater we buy is still to be questioned, since, most of the time thisis just regular tap water with minimal refinement. So, we are payingto be poisoned by our own water, while we can do it at home, drinkingtap water, which is insignificantly more polluted.

Moreover, there are other problemsrelated to the drinking water issue, since there are many other,unhealthy aspects of bottled water.

Unhealthy Water in an Unhealthy Bottle

First of all, there is the question ofplastic bottles. Namely, these bottles are capable of releasingdifferent chemicals into the water, when exposed to high or lowtemperatures. Also, many different fumes and gasses from our pollutedenvironment are capable of passing through the plastic bottle,reaching our water, affecting its taste, smell and overall healthvalue.

All the factors, and many more, candamage our health. Therefore, it is much better to use filtered tapwater stored in glass bottles. You can buy water filters everywherethese days. Still, you have to change them often in order to keep thetap water truly clean and safe for consumption.

Finally, our environment is beingdestroyed at a faster pace, each time bottled water is produced. Itsproduction demands the usage of virgin petroleum for making theplastic bottles and fossil fuels for the supply of the wholeproduction machinery. This depletes our fossil fuels and harms thenature in return.

Also, only half of all the plasticwater bottles ever manage to be recycled. The rest is thrownsomewhere, polluting the nature, killing the sea life or doing harmto other organisms for thousands of years to come. All in all, thismethod is clearly not working for us, but, rather, against us. Thinkbetter, rise above the monetary purpose of bottled water and choosenot to contribute to the destruction of mother Earth.

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