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Testosterone and Men. Who? What? How?When?

Many men decide to take testosteroneinjections for numerous different reasons. Some of them do it forsports, especially those who are into body building. These peopleneed all the testosterone they can get, therefore, supplements gohand-in-hand with their profession. However, this hormone is used forother purposes as well. Namely, men who are in andropause, which is aperiod later in life, when hormonal levels start decreasing, decideto take testosterone injections so that they could stop theirimpotence, loss of numerous important bodily functions and many otherthings. Finally, these injections were successfully used for treatingmany different diseases and medical conditions. All in all, countlessmen benefit from testosterone injections daily.

Good Sides of Testosterone Injections

First and foremost, testosterone iscrucial in the lives of men. Its production is the largest duringadolescence while these levels start reducing gradually after the ageof 40. That is why older men tend to experience problems likeerectile dysfunctions, hair loss, bone deterioration, proneness todepression and many others.

Secondly, as mentioned above,bodybuilders depend on testosterone greatly, since it enables themfast and prominent muscle growth, while strengthening their bones atthe same time. Also, this hormone makes men strong and capable ofenduring physical pressure that they otherwise could not endure.

As far as a male's sex life isconcerned, testosterone influences it a lot. It increases one's sexdrive, boosts his erectile functions, and sperm count. It alsoincreases the levels of a man's fertility.

However, in all cases, dosage of thehormone given is crucial. Therefore, people who workout and wantripped muscles are supposed to take more testosterone than people whowish to improve their sex performance. Also, adequate dosage varieswith age, physical shape and some other, important factors. Apartfrom being injected directly into the muscles, having an instanteffect, testosterone can also be taken orally. The latter methodtakes longer to be effective and offers less dramatic results.

Bad Sides of Testosterone Injections

Before indulging into testosteroneinjections, all men should consult with their doctors, or some otherprofessionals. During this testosterone overdose, you mightexperience acne bursts on your skin, especially the face, chest andback. Pain, irritation and swelling of limbs may take place as well.Mood swings may be a common side-effect. The worst case scenarioinvolves some heart problems, or even heart failure, even thoughthese occurrences are quite rare.

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