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Low testosterone and consequences

Thedecrease in the levels of hormones, especially testosterone, can be fairly harmful for men as they grow old. The level of understanding regarding this matter, which is also quite commonly referred to as the andropause and even male menopause, indicates that this problem can be solved with success by means of a treatment that is aimed at increasing the levels of the hormone in question. And not only this, but by solving this issue other manifestations which have been considered to follow the entire aging process can now be alleviated. Those manifestations include such as building up of excessive weight in awkward body areas, irritability, improper erection, lack of muscle tone, and performance below average in sexual intercourses.

LowTestosterone Manifestations

Asstated above, due to the decrease in the testosterone levels, many ailments and awkward conditions can befall a man, especially as he approaches the autumn of his life. Among those most frequent and most serious manifestations are the following ones:

Loss of libidoErectile dysfunctionUnpredictable mood swings, depression, sensitiveness and irritability and excessive fatigueMuscle strength, endurance and tone lossOsteoporosisBuilding up of the excessive body fatInability to maintain concentration, followed by memory lossInability to maintain healthy sleeping habits, followed by occurrence of insomnia and sleep deprivation

Butin the more recent future, there have been made enormous steps forward when it comes to the development of different forms of testosterone, which further makes the dosage determination and administration much less complicated than before, marking a new age in comprehension of the understanding and dealing with this particular condition. The belief that used to dominate in medicine implied that, as men approach the autumn of their lives a great number of changes they go through happens as a direct consequence of the aging process itself, more than they are due to the changes in the levels of hormones, which is evident in the female population in the course of the menopause. The difference between men and women lies in the fact that, in men, the entire process is of a much slower pace and thus is more difficult to notice.

Additionalmanifestation that is more serious in nature and besides such as the loss of sexual urge and the physical arousal ability, men suffering from this condition are also likely to experience sudden mood and emotional changes, obesity, decrease of overall strength as a direct consequence of muscle tissue loss. Perhaps the most severe and most serious result of this condition is the change in the density of the person’s bones, i.e. osteoporosis that can have as a side effect the occurrence of fractures. The decrease of testosterone levels can also be a direct consequence of lost testicular function.

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