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Testosterone Injections

Testosterone is the male sexual hormone primarily synthesizedin the testes of men and female ovaries. Small quantities of this hormone arealso secreted by the adrenal glands of both men and women. In men, testosteroneis responsible for secondary male characteristics, including: facial hair, bonemass, muscle growth and deep voice. There is an extremely high rise oftestosterone level in puberty, which is correlated with the rapid growth inboys at that age.

In adults, testosterone effects are more prominent in women.It affects general energy level and libido and maintain cardiovascular health.It is also proven that testosterone regulates platelet aggregation and affects thebrain and many of its functions.

Testosterone can be used as supplemental therapy in peoplesuffering from the low production of body’s testosterone, as the treatment forsome diseases in elderly and also as the supplement to increase the libido. Bodybuildersalso use this hormone, to increase the muscle growth.

The peak of testosterone production is at the age of 30 inmen. If some of these people suffer from a low sex drive, there is apossibility to use testosterone injections to improve the condition. These injectionscan also be used in people suffering from andropause or diabetes mellitus type 2.

Testosterone is also used in women, as the treatment for lowlibido, tiredness and bone weakening. Menopausal and women who had theirovaries removed also suffer from low level of testosterone and may benefit fromtestosterone injections.


The dosage of testosterone injections depends on the age,gender and symptoms of a patient, but in all cases they must be administered orsupervised by a doctor. Unadjusted dose of testosterone can cause several adverseeffects, including male acne and gynecomastia, and hoarse voice and facial hairin females.

There are two types of testosterone injections: enathate andcypionate testosterone injections. The most commonly used for regular peopleare enanthate testosterone injections, but athletes and bodybuilders frequentlyuse cypionate.

The proper dose of testosterone injections is about 500mgper one week, but it may vary from 50 to 500mg, and be given once or two timesa week.

Bodybuilders are known to think that more testosterone isalways better and to use even 1 or 2g of testosterone every week. Doctors claimthat these high doses of testosterone may cause gynecomastia and other sideeffects, and recommend 400 to 800mg of this hormone for men who want toincrease their body mass.

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