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Testosterone is a very important hormone in the body of a man, but also in the body of a woman. In men, it is the responsible for the development of sex organs, as well as for the development of the secondary sex characteristics, while in women, this hormone is produced in considerably smaller amounts and has the role to improve sexual interest and sexual drive.

There are many reasons why one wants to increase the levels of testosterone in the body. Many men want to enhance the production of this hormone because of infertility, whereas on the other side, women usually opt for the increasing of the levels of testosterone because they have decreased libido or sexual interest. The adequate level of testosterone is also very important for the hormonal balance in teenage boys. Therefore, the reasons for the increase of this hormone can be medical. On the other side, there are also certain cosmetic reasons and many people, especially bodybuilders and athletes, use this hormone to improve their appearance and strength.

Increasing the levels of testosterone

A low level of testosterone can cause decreased sexual drive, depression, problems with concentration and memory problems. Therefore, the normal testosterone levels are very important for a normal everyday functioning. There are several ways how we can enhance the production of testosterone and thus increase its levels. Many people prefer natural way to do this, but on the other side, there are testosterone injections that are very effective.

Natural way to increase the levels of testosterone

If one wants to improve the production of testosterone, then it is necessary to regularly exercise and eat healthy foods. Furthermore, the lifting of heavy weights in a gym is one of the best ways to increase the testosterone levels. The person should regularly exercise 40 or 50 minutes and consume a lot of red meats, such as, beef and lamb. Moreover, the fresh vegetables and dairy products should be also included in a diet. If one wants to improve the muscle size, then certain supplements are very important, such as zinc, magnesium and vitamin B6.

Testosterone injections to increase the levels oftestosterone

Enanthate and Cypionate are the two very popular testosterone injections that are usually used by bodybuilders and athletes. The dosage of these injections varies and depends on several factors, such as gender, age and health condition of the consumer. The person who takes these testosterone injections should be very careful, because they have several side effects.

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