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The Human Growth Hormone and Humans

Human growth hormone, or, shortly HGH, is a hormone produced in pituitary gland located in the bottom of our brains. During the earliest years of our life, the production of this hormone provides us with proper development and growth, influencing many of our development aspects. As we grow older, our body produces less and less HGH, resulting in our skin losing its elasticity, our bones becoming more fragile and other, regular signs of aging appearing. In order to prolong their youth, many people decide to take HGH injections as a supplement. Also, these are used for children with pituitary gland problems, in order to enable them adequate amounts of this hormone necessary for a proper development.

Positive Sides of HGH

This hormone betters the regenerative power of our tissue and enables our muscles to grow faster and larger. For this reason, HGH supplements are very popular in the bodybuilding and sport branches. HGH is also used by people who suffer from AIDS, in order to gain and maintain weight. However, people can also lose weight with a proper use of these supplements, making them good for both of these purposes. There are many other diseases where HGH can prove to be useful. Nevertheless, it is illegally used for numerous other purposes.

In order to benefit from HGH administered to your body, you need to follow certain rules. First, you need to be very careful about the dosage, since there is an adequate one for each individual. Next, you need to administer the correct doses in a specific time and frequency. This, of course, should never be done without seeking medical advice beforehand since inadequate doses can be very bad for your health and overall well-being.

Negative Sides of HGH

Incorrect dosage of this hormone, or any kind of wrong usage may lead to herpes, potassium depletion, cancer, numerous skin issues, gland, bone and joint problems, liver failure, water retention and various other abnormalities. Thus, the quality of the synthetic hormones needs to be the best possible. Also, the right dosage and the correct frequency of it are crucial for a positive effect. Any alterations of these factors may result in health deterioration or unwanted side-effects. Therefore, be careful when dealing with these hormones since using them wrongly can be fatal for you. This is why any use of HGH without a dire need is considered wrong and potentially risky.

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