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Testosterone is one of the most important hormones in the human body. This hormone is produced in men as well as in women, although in women’s bodies it is produced in considerably smaller amounts. Testosterone is a steroid hormone, responsible for the development of sexual organs in men, as well as for the development of male sex characteristics such as deep voice and growth of pubic hair. The testicles and the pituitary gland manufacture testosterone, and they also regulate the levels of this hormone in the body.

High levels of testosterone

The low level of testosterone may cause certain problems in men, such as erectile dysfunction, decreased sexual interest and infertility, but high levels of testosterone are not healthy for the man, either. This hormone should be kept at normal levels in order to avoid certain complications that may arise from the high testosterone amounts.

The high amounts of this hormone may be the result of natural overproduction or they can occur because of taking certain substances that enhance the testosterone levels. The men with low testosterone levels should take natural supplements to boost the testosterone levels. On the other side, there are men, especially bodybuilders and athletes, who use steroids to improve their bone strength or to build up the muscles. The steroids should be avoided because they have serious side effects.

Side effects of high levels of testosterone

There are men that naturally have higher levels of testosterone than others. Nevertheless, considerably high amounts of testosterone in the body may be very serious and may cause certain disorders. Some of the complications that may be induced by high levels of this hormone is prostate cancer, enlarged prostate or the development of a new prostate. Another disorder that may occur is a liver disease, which usually happens in those men that consume anabolic steroids that are generally very harmful for the liver.

Aggressive and impulsive behavior, frequent mood swings and increased sexual drive are some of the results when a man has high testosterone levels in the body. Furthermore, facial acne, baldness and sleep apnea, or constant waking during nights, are just some of the conditions that may appear in men with the increased levels of this hormone. Cardiovascular diseases such as heart attack, for example, may also be triggered by the high levels of testosterone. Moreover, infertility may also occur because the amounts of red blood cells increase, while, the amounts of sperm decrease.

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