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Even though both sexes have both testosterone and estrogen, men have higher levels of the former while women have the latter hormone as dominant. Yet, these levels may vary for many different reasons. Thus, once men experience a rise in estrogen, numerous changes affect their body.

Effects of Estrogen on Men

Men who take female hormones are bound to experience an increase in the size of their breasts, along with the darkening of their nipples, a decrease in their acne and a slower growth of their facial hair. Also, estrogen will protect them from prostate cancer and prevent hair loss.

Nevertheless, estrogen, being the female hormone, will lead to a change regarding the body shape of men, making them look more feminine in stature and complexion. Yet, higher levels of estrogen will result in less chances of having a heart attack.

So, this hormonal change can be both beneficial and dangerous for men.

Other Possible Changes Estrogen Triggers in Men

Not all side-effects of high estrogen levels in men are positive. Rather, this state of affairs increases chances of breast cancer and liver and gallbladder tumors. Also, excessive estrogen levels decrease the size of the testicles and lower the sex drive in males. The expected male mood and characteristics are likely to be altered by this hormone in ways which cannot be exactly predicted. Finally, men with high levels of estrogen risk suffering from deadly blood clots.

How Do Men Expose Themselves to Estrogen?

Estrogen is found in many synthetic materials such as plastics. Also, the steroids used for stimulating growth of livestock contain estrogen as well, along with pesticides and other chemicals used in production of crops.

These synthetic hormones are not exactly estrogens. Rather, they mimic estrogens in the body, performing their functions, attaching to estrogen receptors in the cells.

How to Avoid Estrogen?

Basically, you are advised not to use products which contain the above mentioned, synthetic estrogen. Furthermore, use ceramic or porcelain dishes instead of plastic ones, especially for storing food and refrain from using soaps and detergents which are not simple. If you use plastic containers for storing food, do not put them out in the sun or heat them inside a microwave oven.

Next, choose organic food and do not use pesticides or growth hormones if you grow your own crops or keep livestock. Finally, use condoms without spermicide.

All in all, even though estrogen can help you battle certain diseases and be healthier in some respects, excessive levels of this hormone in a male’s body are not recommended.

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