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Whenit comes to the therapy in question, the benefits it offers, orperhaps more adequately said the prospects it offers are quite alluring.Namely, it is known to hold the potential to bring about the increasein the person's muscle mass, boost one's memory and concentration, aswell as libido and energy levels, among other things. And given thefact that all the previously mentioned faculties have the tendency to'dilapidate' with age, such a therapy, as the one in question, mightseem to people as a new haven for their troubles and the best way tostay youthful for another set of years to come.

However,no matter how attractive and promising this method may appear to manymen, what everyone should know and be aware of is that itsrejuvenating effects have not yet been a hundred percent confirmed orquite clear, come to that. Therefore, it is essential to discover asmuch as possible about this therapy and its most direct relation tothe aging process as such.

Factsand details

Manypeople are not well acquainted with this hormone, its mostpredominant characteristics and other relevant information, all of which plays a significant role in the testosterone therapy as well, i.e. inits effect-rate. The hormone in question is known to be produced inthe testes. Given the fact that it is primarily regarded as a malehormone, its benefits for the members of the male population includethe following – maintaining bone density, proper distribution of fat,mass and overall strength of the person's muscles, keeping the productionof red blood cells in check, as well as one's sex drive andproduction of the sperm.

Incase a person in question has issues with a low level of testosterone(quite low i.e.), he should not hesitate but pay his doctor avisit for the purpose of seeking advice on further steps that need tobe taken to successfully bring the levels back to normal. As one ofthe solutions, doctors tend to prescribe a synthetic variant oftestosterone, giving a person freedom of choice – testosterone injections, patches or testosterone gel.

Promotionof youthfulness and virility

Asa matter of fact, the therapy in question is known to posses theimmense potential in aiding one reverse the overall and undesiredeffects of hypogonadism. However, it still remains to be cleared outif it has a direct effect in cases of older men who have no healthissues whatsoever. Despite the fact that men who do not suffer fromlack of proper testosterone in the body tend to undergo the therapyin question for already stated reasons, this however does not meanthat the desired effects will be there in the end. And all this hasbeen confirmed by a number of research studies which state that theoverall success of these therapies is mixed. To give you a clearer picture of what is meant here – for example, in one such studythose men who took testosterone, otherwise quite healthy, increased their muscle mass on the one hand, but on the other they failedto gain any strength.

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