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Every man knows or should know that testosterone is very important. There are a lot of body functions in men that depend on testosterone. Every man will go through certain body and behavioral changes when he experiences a slowdown in testosterone. However, people need to know that it is a normal process and it occurs when men get older. Lots of men opt for hormone replacement therapy in this situation but this type of therapy carries a lot of side effects, some of which are serious. Doctors agree that men should consider using natural testosterone supplements instead.


Without testosterone, men would not be men. Testosterone is important in lots of various bodily functions and is responsible for things like growth of facial and chest hair and deepening of voice, for instance. Testosterone is also responsible for behavior traits and aggressiveness. Increased testosterone production occurs during puberty. Testosterone is also important for the regulation of sex drive and erectile function. Reproductive health is also controlled by this hormone. This is done by the maintaining optimum sperm count and sperm health.

Characteristic of reduced testosterone production

This is why men go through various changes when testosterone production is reduced. Some of the main characteristics of reduced testosterone production are reduced sex drive, erectile dysfunction, fatigue, mood swings, depression, changes in body composition and irritable behavior, among others. This can all be prevented with hormone replacement therapy but it includes various side effects and that is why people do not prefer it. This is a good reason why they should try using natural testosterone supplements.

Natural testosterone supplements

There are lots of men who are interested in these supplements and more and more are getting interested every day. Tribulus Terrestris is one such supplement made of a rare herb. It is known that the herb increases testosterone production. Puncture Vine is the better known name of the herb. A huge number of Chinese and Indian medicines for men contain this herb. Tongat Ali of Long Jack is another herb that is used as a natural supplement. It can be found growing in Malaysia and it enhances the production of testosterone. Zinc is also very important in the production of testosterone.

Benefits of natural testosterone supplements

There are lots of benefits but some of the most important are improved libido and powerful erections, gain in lean muscle, weight loss, reduced body fat, mood elevation, heightened energy levels and better sleep. The best thing is that these supplements do not cause any side effects.

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