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Sweatingis a natural body function that helps the body to cool down when itis too hot due to ambient temperature or due to vigorous activitylike sport. There is, however, a condition known as hyperhydrosiswhere the person will sweat excessively and for no apparent reason.Approximately 1% of people in the world suffer from this problem, astatistic drawn from the numbers of recorded cases of the condition.There might be many more unrecorded cases that are simply ignoredbecause those people are unaware that an abnormal amount of sweatingis a legitimate medical condition.

Hyperhidrosisis typically characterised by one or more of the following symptoms:excessive perspiration while stressed or while under a lot ofpressure, perspiration when the ambient temperature is not reallywarm enough to warrant it and perspiration in situations that do notwarrant it.

DifferentAreas of Hyperhidrosis

Thereare several areas on the body where there are more sweat glands thanin other areas. Hyperhidrosis can be caused in each different areafor different reasons.

Excessivefacial perspiration can be a serious social issue. Sweat on the facein normal circumstances can be unattractive and odorous and can be anindication of an underlying disorder like social anxiety and otherneurological issues.

Axillaryhyperhidrosis is located in the armpits and is the most common typeof excessive sweating. Generally, a person will only suffer fromexcess perspiration in this area in exclusion of all others, but thecondition may also affect the hands.

Excessivehand perspiration is called palmar hyperhidrosis and is a conditionthat is typically passed down through genes, i.e. it is hereditary.Conversely, plantar hyperhidrosis is located in the feet and isusually accompanied by the palmar version at the same time.


Fortunately,there are treatments that can help sufferers of hyperhidrosis. Thiscondition should be handled quickly, since it is usually not limitedto the inconvenience of the affliction but also affects the person'ssocial appearance, self-esteem and confidence. It can also cause aperson to be far too predisposed with the condition that theirproductivity suffers and can even be grounds for termination fromtheir employment.

Amedical professional can prescribe medications and antiperspirantsthat can help ameliorate the symptoms of hyperhidrosis. If thecondition persists for more than a week, there may be an underlyingmedical issue that should be examined by a doctor.

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