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Sweaty Head Characteristics

Just as some people experience sweaty palms or other parts of their body, there are those who are, quite often, bothered by a sweaty head. This problem manifests through having your scalp producing extreme amounts of sweat, causing your hair to look, or even smell bad, causing an embarrassing situation. There can be many causes for this problem, therefore, read on and get informed and learn about the best possible ways of dealing with this uncomfortable issue.

Causes of Sweaty Head

One of the most common causes of this problem is related to your thyroid gland. The gland, in this case, is either producing less hormones than necessary or produces too much hormones. Either way, you are bound to experience tiredness, excessive sweating and hair and skin problems and many other complications due to this hormonal imbalance in your organism.

Also, anxiety and stress have a lot to do with excessive head sweating, since this nervousness and tense state of mind may lead to sweating quite easily. Being under stress for a longer period of time will lead to reappearance of this problem. What is more, people who are troubled by stress and hide the symptoms of their head sweating are often too nervous about it, only raising their stress levels and producing more head sweat, creating a seemingly inescapable vicious circle of this problem.

This condition may be genetically transferred, through a family disease. Thus, if any of your parents or family members were troubled by a sweaty head, you might be too.

Furthermore, women during menopause, where they suffer from hot flashes quite often, may experience excessive head sweating too. Also, menopause, being a period of hormonal imbalances, can interfere with the thyroid gland, causing the same problems as those mentioned above.

The worst case scenarios would involve an onset of a heart attack, since excessive sweating both on the head and the rest of one’s body can be a sign, to be concerned with. Also, diabetes, low blood sugar, malnutrition and, generally, an unhealthy lifestyle may all be possible causes. Thus, this may or may not be a harmless situation. So, if you are troubled by excessive head sweating, you are advised to seek medical advice as soon as possible.

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