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How to Stop Sweaty Hands

Bluntly put, this article offers guidelines to stopping sweaty hands, which is a common issue among roughly one percent of the world's population – that is to say one in every hundred people. Albeit it's not a particularly large demographic, this article offers guidelines to the few who have been cursed to endure and put up with the excessive sweat produced by their hands.

This unpleasant phenomena is a constant problem for simple, everyday situations such as:

shaking hands or

holding hands with a loved one,

making the most regular things in the world awkwardly embarrassing which is exactly why people with this problem would rather shy away from the many types of physical contact which they'd face on daily basis.

It may affect one's professional life as well as friendships, as “sealing the contract with a handshake” is often avoided, which may give off the scent of uncertainty to its commitment to the other party. While on the other hand... offering one's sweaty hand is not at all a valid option.

The fact that a person is hiding his or her issue doesn't end at the point that people would tend to think of him or her as unfriendly, it may also cause issues within the given person's love life. Many have shied away from entire relationships as well, on the basis of this among the least favorable of BO-issues.

But it doesn't have to be that way.

There are surgical procedures that may take care of this little problem, some of which are:

Botox injections, and


These procedures are risky and may be dangerous.

First off, Botox injections may be counterproductive. That means that they could increase the sweat produced by one's hands, and make the problem even worse – even if it is at such as scale that it may almost sounds impossible.

The latterly mentioned, iontophoresis, is on the other hand quite expensive, while it does not guarantee success. In fact, the rates are so various that they may well be random. So, basically, this is as reliable a solution as it is good for the household economy.

Thankfully there are other, comfortingly enough, non-surgical procedures. Further more, natural ones.

These solutions are published as the product of research done by Mike Ramsey, and they involve a variety of natural solutions which the victim of this irritable disfigurement may use to his or her advantage.

It is called “Stop Sweating and Start Living.” and it promises to prevent people from feeling embarrassed in situations that require “lending a helping hand” or “sealing the deal” - ever again.

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