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Sweating is usually considered to be a healthy bodily process, bearing witness to the calorie burning processes taking place within. However, if the sweating occurs for no reasons since you are not working out while the water keeps pouring out of your body, this can be a sign of something far more serious happening. Basically, an underlying health issue may lead to this kind of excessive sweating, preventing you from leaving the house due to the awkwardness of having your clothes soaked in sweat.

Reasons behind Sweating

Some of the most common causes of sweating are obesity, since obese people have far more active sweat glands than other individuals, and people affected by mental stress. Namely, personal problems can give rise to stress levels, triggering certain changes in your body, leading to nervousness which manifests in sweating.

Alternatively, having too much coffee or smoking too many cigarettes are also factors which can lead to excessive sweating. Also, environmental factors may cause excessive sweating. Hot weather is one of the main triggers of sweating in people. Finally, many other things such as genetic predisposition, menopause, the pain you are enduring, anger or aggression you are feeling, all can contribute to the amount of water your body expels.

Dealing with Excessive Sweating

Living with excessive sweating can be hard, even unbearable. Thus, a vast majority of people tend to find a cure for their problem rather than to put up with it for years to come.

Sweaty Palms

As for treating a sweaty palms issue, you may use talcum powder or some other powders or cosmetic products, keeping the skin on your palms dry. Sweaty palms can lead to awkwardness during handshakes, device manipulation and many other situations. Thus, you are much better off without it.

Armpits Sweating

One of the worst places for sweating are the armpits. People will run away from you when they notice wet stains underneath your arms, due to the fact that this phenomenon usually goes hand-in-hand with unpleasant odor and lack of personal hygiene. So, in order to preserve your positive self-image, you may consume sage tea on a daily basis, one cup a day. Alternatively, you may apply lemon juice on your armpits before you go to bed.

Sweating in the Head Area

Sage and asparagus are known to be herbs which prevent sweating in the head area too. Another reason behind head sweating is vitamin deficiency, so you might want to look into these aspects of your health as well.

Facial Sweating

Facial sweating can be dealt with by applying aloe vera juice on the area every day. You may use clay-based lotions as an alternative or carry a pack of tissue papers with you so that you might wipe the sweat once it strikes.

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