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Thiskind of supplements is considered to be fairly useful means of achieving yourgoals. But as a majority of similar supplements, one should be aware that, the despite all the fuss tv-commercials make about their effectiveness, theseshould, by no means, be considered as the miracle makers when it comes to bodymass and muscle building. What many people do not know is that the proteinpowder serves only as means to supply our muscles with the essential proteins,which the muscles need in order to rebuild and revitalize themselves. But interms of productivity and nutrition, a meal that is nutritious and properlybalanced is just as good a choice as the protein powder, if not even better. Actually, these supplements are really handy only when you are running on a tightschedule and thus do not have time to spare for a healthy and proper meal.

Powdersfor Weight Gain

Whenit comes to the opinion and recommendation of the experts on this matter, theyare all unanimous in one thing – afore mentioned powders will in most casesonly prompt getting fat, but in no productive way. These are most often proteins and carbohydrates in nature, such as sugar, vitamins and other substances whichactually do no wonders, despite their “elegant” title names. Products from thisgroup are most, and as a matter of fact, fully effective only in those peoplewho actually lack a lot of body mass and are in need of an appetite boost. Asfor the rest, this only means excessive weight, and abundance of it.

ProteinBased Powders

Thisgroup of products is probably the one that offers the most variety and optionsto choose from. The two main groups, or sources, are proteins originating fromanimal sources and proteins originating from plant sources. And the plus side,which will bring joy to many of the people out there who embrace vegan lifestyle, is that there also exist vegan versions made of soy – more commonlyreferred to as soy powders. One downside, though, is that plant sources may notbe sources rich enough, but since this is prone to criticism, a person shoulddecide upon that on his/her own. As for those proteins coming from animals,eggs and dairy powders are at the top of the list. Since there have not yetbeen any extensive researches on the topic of which of the two is the moreeffective, the choice lies solely upon you. From the group of dairy, mostpraised is dairy whey.

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