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Since athletes need to maintain or increase their muscle mass and boost their stamina and strength, supplements are important part of their nourishment. One of the most significant supplements is protein supplements. Still, this doesn’t mean that all of their muscle mass is a result of supplement consumption. The most important thing for gaining those muscles is an exercise, and by that we mean regular exercise. Regular is the key word. You can gain more muscles with the regular exercise than with the high profile but irregular exercises. Of course, besides exercising, you will need a proper diet. This means that you need to eat food that is high in protein. Protein rich foods are: poultry, red meat, dairy, eggs, fish, etc. You must also take care which of these foods are high in fat and calories and which are not. You should stay away from the food that is high in fat, especially if you want toned muscles.

Supplements Side-Effects

As well as they are useful, nutrition supplements can be damaging for your health. They can cause problems to your kidneys and liver. Furthermore, they contain nitrogen, the compound which can be expelled from the body only by urination. Frequent urination caused by supplement consumption can cause fluid imbalance in your body, and can result in dehydration. Furthermore, protein supplements have a high amount of proteins derived from the animal sources, and because of that, there is a high risk of coronary disease, caused by the high fat consumption which is connected with such nutrition.

Safe Supplements Compounds

Still there are some manufacturers who use the safer ingredients for nutrition supplements. Those safe ingredients are: Colostrum – improves stamina and recovery of our body, and also, boosts our immune system; L-Carnitine – this substance is usually used for weight loss, increasing stamina and keeping healthy heart function; Protein – helps our muscle growth, and increases energy; Vandayl Sulfate – as well as protein, helps in gaining muscle mass and toned muscles.Another substance that can be found in safe nutrition supplements is called HCA or Garicinia Cambogia suppresses your appetite and therefore, helps in losing weight. Besides before mentioned proteins and vanadyl sulfate, creatine supports muscle growth and body sculpting. In the end, there is vitamin B12 that promotes overall health and enhances your immune system.All these elements mixed in proportion create the correct sports nutrition. And an adequate amount of such nutrition provides the athlete with necessary energy and muscle strength.

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