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There are too many nutritional formulas and supplements on the market for anyone to judge and assess what to choose. MusleTalk Survey wouldn’t help much besides making a list of according to experts top-ten-supplement are the best to use. If the professional opinion counts here, then epidemiological and experimental prove may serve the purpose. Bodybuilders have their own supplements and not all on the market are appropriate for after a hard workout supplement. Depending from the person, everyone needs an appropriate supplement to choose individually. And according to some experts, supplements are effective to improve muscle build.


MRP are to be taken instead of the meals in a form of powder. And powders are having a complete nutrition meal for body supplement of essential fatty acids, a mild carbohydrate, essential vitamins, minerals or proteins. MRP is actually designed to be taken and mix with water and of course it should be consumed with water only. Recently designed, there is however ingredients and useful probiotics mixed, in order to gain better nutritional value. So called meal replacements are more effective if they are taken instead of couple of small meals rather then one large. And how big snacks per meal should be, it is written on the tube.

Protein Powders

Protein Powders are basically filtrated interchange of whey protein ions and are taken as a potent protein resource. Most of protein powders are designed on low quality soya protein and protein placed in white egg, which should be absorbed and digested too fast. Whey protein has a fantastic biological value, because of the amino acid that build a structured muscle tissue. It is recommended to be taken right away in the morning or right after the training. A good protein powder needs to be adsorbed slower to boost up its effectiveness. Therefore some better protein powders out there are containing combination of more proteins. The market industry has also designed protein powder for vegans. Those are designed from casein, pea protein and soya isolate.


Probiotics are basically useful bacteria that aid digestive system, acidophilus and bifidus. Or better said, alive strains of useful bacteria that are also used in capsules, yoghurts, special powders and probiotic drinks.


Maltodextrin is a glucose polymer powder or multidextrose, which is a complex carbohydrate. It fills up a top energy need and serves to an intense workout. Its chemical structure is an intricate carbohydrate that leads open to a fast degradation of enzymes. And it gets to be absorbed more quickly.

Final Recommendation

British Market for instance recommends Promax the best. It is a whey protein compac. It is a mixed whey protein, but hydrolyzed whey with peptides. It content support mixture formula of chromium, glutamine, peptides, taurine, and NAC.

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