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Whey Protein

Since the food cannot provide enough proteins, or they also include a lot ofsaturated fats, a good solution is the whey protein supplement. This is aprotein powder and it can be included in the diets like ketogenic diet, lowcarbohydrate diet, zone diet and others. The quality of the protein can be seenthrough the BV or the biological value, which is, basically, the ability of theprotein to be absorbed by the body. This number is showed in percentages. Thebiological values are useful when we seek the proteins that will make the massgrow by the retention of the nitrogen and they can show us which proteins are best for this agenda.

The Facts

Many techniques are used in manufacturing of the protein powders. Techniques likehydrolization or ion exchange processing try to increase the biological values. Thepre-digested, or the hydrolization, is a process during which peptides breakfrom big to smaller ones. This process helps the absorption of nutrients bymaking them available to the muscles fast, immediately after the work out, whenthey need the nutrients. Next we will give you the protein source numbers from several sources.

The beefhas 80, fish 83, chicken 79, peanuts 49, wheat 54, soy 59, rice 74, casein 77,egg white 88, cow's milk 91, whole egg 100, whey concentrate 104 and wheyprotein isolate blends 100-159 biological values. As we have said, if you are trying toincrease your muscle mass, whey is an excellent solution and it can be found in eggs,dairy products, chicken and nuts. But the body needs certain amounts ofprotein, so if the body is not getting enough of it, the muscles will notgrow. Since the food has low levels of proteins, especially milk and eggs, wecan add protein powders to the nutrition. With the BV value at 159, wheyprotein is the best choice for this. Remember to take 1.5-2 g of protein powderper kg of your weight. If you are training, you need to consume proteins everytwo or two and a half hours, since it will make the three pools of amino acidsfilled. These pools are very important since they give the body fuel that it needs.The protein breakdown rise and failure of the protein synthesis accompany thestop of replenishing these pools. As we have mentioned, the proteins are essential for the growth and maintenanceof the muscles, they will replenish the strength of the body after aworkout and increase the metabolism of the body. The metabolism raises 5 times more if you eat protein meals instead of high carb meals. Also, proteinwill monitor the amount of water in the body and help the body to have the exactamount of water needed.

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