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Teens and Supplements

Teenagers have a lot of reasons why they decide to increase muscle mass or lose fat. These reasons may be the sport, striving to strengthen muscles and to be physically stronger or just muscular in order look good.

Great results may still be achieved by hard training and proper diet, but supplements can help to get the desired results more quickly.

Protein Products

Proteins contain amino acids which are the basic building blocks of proteins, and therefore the muscles. In order to encourage the growth of your muscles, you will need about 1-2 grams of proteins per kilogram of body's weight per day. Protein drinks and bars are very suitable choice and ensure high quality protein.

There are several forms of protein. These are: whey, soy, egg, and casein.

Whey degrades after half an hour, therefore it is the ideal choice after training. It should be mentioned that the physical condition immediately after waking up is very similar to the one after training. Glycogen stocks are empty, muscles are hungry, there is a catabolism (muscle degradation) so this is the ideal time for a quick protein - whey.

On the other hand, casein is digested very slowly so it is the ideal before bedtime. The body is very active during sleep. Therefore, sufficient quality substances should be provided so the body could perform the primary life functions, but also build wanted muscle mass.

Albumen - egg protein degrades in 1.5-3 hours and is therefore a good choice at any time whenever quality amino acids supply is needed.

Soy protein is the vegetarians' best friend because it is the only complete protein derived from plants. Soy protein is very good, although not as effective as whey or albumen in terms of absorption.

Vitamins and Minerals

Deficiency of only one vitamin or mineral can significantly affect the bodily functions. Therefore, quality packaging of multivitamins and multiminerals will provide exceptional benefits for the best muscle mass gaining.


Creatine does a very good job when it comes to increasing muscle mass. In addition to the specific amounts of creatine naturally produced in the body, it is very safe and effective for everyone as a nutritional supplement. Creatine increases the main energy source for explosive muscle strength and thus allows performing multiple series and repetition, and lifting heavy weights, which means greater muscle growth. This supplement realizes its full potential in combination with dextrose (glucose), amino acids and other beneficial micronized powders. The right time, when it should be taken, is after the training.


Glutamine is one of the most common amino acids in muscle tissue. It helps in preventing muscle breakdown and accelerates muscle recovery. Glutamine should be taken at the same time as creatine because their combination means competition for the receptors responsible for absorption. Glutamine should be taken before training and creatine should be taken after it.

Amino Acids and BCAA

Amino acids repair, regenerate, build and develop muscle tissue. Branched chain amino acids are among the most useful and most effective supplements in any sports - nutritional program. These are the essential amino acids which include leucine, isoleucine and valine, known as BCAA.


ZMA is a scientifically designed anabolic mineral formula. It contains zinc monomethionine aspartate, magnesium aspartate and vitamin B-6. It's completely natural product that significantly increases the level of anabolic hormones and muscle strength in athletes. Studies have shown that 30mg of zinc and 450mg of magnesium a day can increase testosterone level up to 30%. This is an excellent choice for people who want to avoid the prohormones.

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