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Weight gain

Many people in the world have the problem to increase their body weight. Many companies earn millions by offering some products, but most of them are not effective.

Best supplements for weight gain

Proteins are the main substance for the building of muscles and for their growth. People who want to increase their weight must consume the foods that are rich in proteins. The best sources of proteins are proteins from whey, milk and eggs, as well as those from soy. The body best absorbs the proteins from whey.

Gamma-amino acid is aminobutric and is best neurotransmitter, which is why it has good effects on the nervous system. These amino acids stimulate human growth hormone and improve the metabolism of fat in the body. With aging, this acid tends to decrease, which is why the elderly people have difficulties in reducing the fat.

One of the best supplements to increase the weight of a person is creatine. Furthermore, it is also used for the increasing of power and muscles. Creatine is actually a compound in our body, that is used to supply muscles with energy and it is very effective in retaining the water in the muscles and preventing the water to stay under the skin. In this way, it increases muscle fiber size, but also the total strength. Creatine is available and inexpensive; therefore it is often used as one of the most effective means of increasing body weight.

Glutamine is also important for muscle size. It is the richest in amino acids in muscle tissue. The higher the level of glutamine, the more difficult it comes to muscle injuries and to the loss of their mass.

Meal replacements is actually a meal that contributes most to the growth of the body weight. In order to gain weight, it must be eaten more often, even every 3 to 4 hours. These meals should have a low content of fat and be rich in protein. Protein Bars as meal replacements are healthy snacks, and they should be eaten between meals. Some Protein Bars are even so large that they can replace a real meal. Multivitamins are essential for the body to perform all the functions throughout the day. Multivitamins consist of a variety of vitamins and minerals. It is not typical dietary supplement for people who want to gain weight, but they are necessary. One who wants to gain weight must take more than 3000 calories a day.

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