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Best Supplements for High School Athletes

According to the recent research study conducted by NIH (the National Institutes of Health) among the high school children, the results revealed that, surprisingly, 8% of girls and 12% of boys between 12 and 18 years of age have reported that, at one time or another, they have employed some supplements in order to add up to their physical appearance. Among those most favourite are, of course, the ever appealing protein shakes, followed tightly by protein powders, whose biggest contribution is in increasing the amount and adding up to the total intake of calories of a high schooler. As far as the sources are concerned the most employed ones are mixtures of whey protein and nitric oxide. Athletes among them have also pointed out that they have given it a go with creatine as well, otherwise easily found in food sources such as fish, as well as lean meat.

Need or Fad?

Since the urge and zeal for supplements has picked up in intensity only in the recent period, there is a growing concern as to whether they are really needed and that effective as stated by its manufacturers. The truth is that in urgent need of supplements are those person’s who suffer from some disease or have diet related issues. What the doctors and experts also point out is that it has become more of a fad than a real need, since their effect on persons who are healthy has not yet been labeled as that strong. Improvements do show, but they are far from miraculous. And many will agree that this is especially of concern to teenagers, since a thing like this could interfere with their normal development and growing up, in case they overdo with them.

Safety First

Therefore, what each coach should have in mind is that he/she is the most suitable person to talk to these young athletes and, if not influencing their opinion in a direct manner they should at least discuss with them the benefits and downsides of supplements, as well as to what extent they can go as far as safety and keeping good health is concerned. Just like there are at the market a lot of “faulty” supplements, there also exists a great number of those which are not just harmless, but also healthy and in the long run can prove to be quite effective in making it possible for a young athlete to achieve his goals in a much less difficult manner and without over-straining. In this group, we find whey proteins, protein shakes and muscle milk. But what should all the young athletes be aware of is that supplements are exactly that, and that without a proper physical activity and diet they are not miracle makers.

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