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Three basic substances for the body are carbohydrates, fats, and proteins. Human body needs proteins to grow and develop. Every time ourmuscles build there is an increased call for proteins, and every time there is damageto the body, proteins are there to aid the immune system and boost the healing.Bodybuilders and athletes have increased needs for proteins because of their workoutand many of them use protein powders everyday to add proteins to the menu.

Protein powder can be gained from different sources,including the eggs, whey, casein, rice or soy. Every type of protein hasdifferent properties and people should know these, before they start using it.

Consult the specialist before starting to use theseadditional protein sources. Too much proteins on the menu could lead to somemedical problems, such as kidney stones, stroke, osteoporosis and also heartdiseases.

Remember that thesame type of protein powder may not be what you are after, even though someoneyou know uses exactly that product. With that in mind, look for the protein powdersuitable for your needs. Always choose the reliable protein brands, carefullyread what’s inside the box you’re buying and search for the proteins that tastegood.

Whey Protein Powder

Most people use whey protein powder these days, especiallyorganic whey powder, claiming that this is the best type to use. Some of theproducts available on the market are: Affordable Whey, 100% Whey, CEL WheyProtein, Designer Protein, EAS Whey, Methoxy-Pro and Nitro-Tech.

Whey protein powder contains plenty of indispensable aminoacids and also branched chain amino acids (which are sometimes abbreviated asIAA and BCAA). These amino acids are what makes this powder so good andpowerful muscle builder. After the use, it can be easily absorbed into thehuman body and is proven to be especially beneficial right after the strenuous training.Whey proteins are suitable for women too, since they have no unwanted effects tothe female body. At the contrary, research has proved that the whey proteins haveanother function in the body - boosting the immune system.

Egg Proteins

People searching the Web for the proteins to lose someweight will frequently find the egg protein powder as the recommended type ofproteins to use. These claims are true, since egg proteins can be quite easily transformedto lean muscles. Another reason to use egg proteins is that it contains smallamounts of fat, carbohydrates and also calories.

Soy Proteins

They usually contain plenty of other minerals, isoflavonesand vitamins, but some of the products might be also artificially sweetened. Onthe market, you might find: Jarrow Iso-Rich-Soy, Genisoy, Supro Protein Powder,etc.

Caseine Protein Powder

Caseine protein is present in milk and cheese, and thecasein protein powder is confirmed to be excellent source of proteins for bothbuilding and maintaining the muscles. As the whey proteins, caseine proteinpowder can also positively affect your immune system. Most nutritionists willrecommend using caseine products before going to bed.

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