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Proteins are called building blocks of the human organism. They are necessary to build our muscles and grow normally.

When speaking about chemistry, proteins are made of amino acids. There are 20 amino acids that are combined together to make proteins. Some of them are synthesized in our organism and others must be consummated from the food. Therefore, it is really important to eat proteins and be informed about the amount of proteins present in different meals.

Food Rich in Proteins

Meat is one of the richest sources of proteins. Roasted beef (3.5 ounces) contains 30g a corned beef around 22g of proteins. The same amount of roasted chicken or bacon has about 25g of proteins, the same as 100g of cheese.

People often think that the meat is only source of proteins for humans. Various beans are the food rich in proteins and especially beneficial for vegetarians. As their source of daily proteins vegetarians could use green soy, lentils, black or kidney beans and also split peas. All of these food contain plenty of proteins, for instance, a cup of green soy beans contains around 29g of proteins. Other beans contain slightly lower amount of proteins: one cup of each beans have about 15 to 16g of proteins.

You can find plenty of proteins in the fish, because 100g of fish contains about 21g of proteins.

Milk, eggs, flour, and raw oats are also proteins sources. A pint of milk has 20, and one egg about 8g of proteins. One cup of raw oats or flour contains 16g of proteins.

Many meals are rich in proteins, including: nuts, protein bars, poultry, minced beef, tuna, omelets or dairy products. There is also plenty of protein in proteins shakes and powders.

Food rich in proteins will satisfy you whenever you feel hungry. It is usually enough to take a couple of nuts or a protein bar and you won’t be hungry any more. Protein powders are often used by body builders after the hard workout. Usually, they mix protein powder with some milk or clear water and drink it right after their training. Protein shakes are also very easy to make: blend one banana, a glass of milk and 3 tablespoons of whey protein powder and the shake is ready to drink. If you like, you might add some other fruits to make the shake more interesting for you.

If you need to consume more proteins the easiest way could be to increase the amount of milk or any other milk products you use every day.

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