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Bodybuilding is popular sport and on where choosing the best dietary supplements can enhance your performance greatly. There are so many different products on the market and even the most experienced athletes do not know which of them is best.

Meal replacement powders are complete meals that are high in protein moderate in carbohydrate and have all the essential fatty acids, vitamins and minerals. These can be used either as complements to regular meals or as replacements of whole meals, and are prepared with water. As there are many companies and products in this group on the market, many products now contain other nutritional ingredients such as probiotics and other nutrients which are beneficial for the general health.

Protein powders are also a good meal complement and they have a high biological value, a similar profile of amino acids to the human muscles and are easily and quickly digested and absorbed. These protein can come from whey, soy, egg white or even peas. Correct use of protein powders as they present a more efficient and practical method of supplying the body enough protein.

Weight gain formulas are the most useful to people who have started bodybuilding, but some of the more experienced athletes use them too. These formulas should not replace regular meals but are an effective substitute.

Maltodextrin is otherwise known as multidextrose or glucose polymer powder and is a synthetic complex carbohydrate. They are used to fill up the body stores of carbohydrates before and after intense workouts and can be very effective if used properly.

Probiotics are strains of useful bacteria which help maintain the natural flora of the gut and if taken every day can improve the digestion ans immune systems. These help bodybuilders in maintaining their health after recover better.

There are two types of nutritional bars, those that are high in protein and those high in carbohydrates. They are quick snacks or even replacement meals, but tend to be a bit too costly and contain food additives so should not be consumed too much.

Pre-workout drinks are high sources of sugar, carbs, and stimulant, they are tasty and many people drink them before during and after training. They can be expensive and should not be consumed too much as they are not that healthy.

Creatine monohydrate is the best researched and most widely used dietary supplement, which is proven to have benefits for performance and energy levels, but also for muscle growth and strength.

All of these supplements are good if used moderately and can improve performance and general progress and health of not only body builders but other athletes as well.

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