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It is very importantto constantly exercise and engage in physical activity. There are several veryimportant benefits we have thanks to exercising. Let's mention increasedstrength of the muscles, fat tissue reduction, normal levels of cholesterol andtriglycerides in the bloodstream, increased energy and libido, betterperformance of several systems in the organism (digestive, respiratory etc.)...

Muscle groups

There are severalmuscle groups people tend to develop first when exercising. Those are torso,arms and abs. Legs and back area are somehow left aside, or as a last option, which is definitely wrong, because the entire body should be developed equally.When it comes to back area, especially lower back, it must be strong becausethat part of the backbone carries a lot of weight (especially if there is bellyfat area present). Strengthening lower back muscles is important because ofpreventing possible injuries that might happen in this region.

Lower back injuries

A common problem withlower back area is a pinched nerve that comes out from the spine and innervatesthe surrounding tissue. The problem is, when that nerve becomes pinched, inflammation process begins and it spreadsaround it. That inflammation causes discomfort, tingling sensation and even pain.Often, the pain spreads down through the same leg.

Lower back exercises

For performing lowerback exercises, a person needs to be on the stomach with hands behind the headand raising the torso as much as possible should help. While performing thisexercise, legs can be raised too, or fixed on the floor. There are some otherexercises that might help. If discomfort and pain are always present, swimming mighthelp. The weight in this situation is gone, but swimming is still developing themuscles. Sometimes, even simple walking might help, because during that activity, lower back is active for keeping the proper posture.


When it comes toexercises for the muscles that weren't done before, it is always important toconsult someone with more experience, especially if there is a problem like apinched nerve, muscle strain etc. Also, keeping the weight in check will helptoo, because a lot of pressure would be alleviated from the body when excessivefat tissue is gone. Let's not forget regular visits to a doctor, especially ifa body is engaged in intensive physical activity. For reducing weight, healthy,slow diets are always recommended, while short and fast diets can help too, butthey might be a bit unhealthy.

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