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Entering a gym can mean a lot of change for some people. Whatis actually changing besides the body itself? Well itis obvious - our mind. Exercising regularly and usually applying a diet andusing some supplements creates a sense of order and discipline in our lives andthat might say we are changed. We are more responsible, we cannot care ofsomeone else's health if we do not think of our health first. Self-confidenceis also boosted; energy is always at the highest level which means that ourother functions will be executed without a flaw.

Muscle groups

We can roughly divide our body's muscles into those oftorso, arms and legs. Torso would include back muscles, pecs and abdominal abs.It is no wonder that most of us when exercising give all we can to createperfect six pack abs. Many even spend more time doing abs than any otherexercise. Well, abs are important for keeping the body posture and helping out thespine in holding the body weight, but let's admit, they look great on the beach!As for the exercises that activate abs, those can be performed at home too, noadditional instrument is needed (later some weight could be added for a bettereffect). Abs are divided into upper and lower area and there are side abs, too.When exercising, many suggest that lower abs should be worked out first. The musclesare rested at that point, and lower abs workout actually activates upper absto. When doing upper abs, lower area is not affected so much. Lower absexercises are usually performed with leg motions. Performing different motionsin several sets will activate and shape the lower and upper abs in the bestpossible way, so keep in mind that versatility should be always present.


A diet plan for six pack abs is also very important. Exerciseswill make the abs strong, but a diet will help the bulking process and what isalso important, remove the belly fat so those muscles can be seen! Meals shouldcontain the increased protein amount, while carbs intake should be controlled asmuch as possible. Fibers should be taken in large quantities, because it willregulate intestinal processes which, up to a certain level, eliminate fat. Usingwater is also very important not only for toxin elimination, but as it is an excellentappetite suppressant. When stomach is filled with water, no food is needed.Omega-3 fats should be used if possible and also foods that have low sodiumlevel.

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