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Making the body fit and strong is not an easy process. For some, it takes months, even years before a perfect shape is reached. One of the problems is in details. We all know for major muscle groups and exercises that bulk up those groups (biceps, pecs, abs), but what about those other muscles, those that we did not even think of each time we entered a gym? For example, what would be the exercises to strengthen lower back area? Since, it is a part of the back, it should be put in a training session, since strong back is important for overall posture and handling the weight properly for any type of exercise.

Lower back

Lower back area is very important, simply because it serves as a support for the back part positioned right above, legs and also buttock muscles. It is not a small area, which increases the significance of the lower back muscles. What is also important to know is that many people today suffer from a condition called sciatica. It is an inflammation of the sciatic nerve, the one that starts in the lower back and goes through the entire leg. It is responsible for skin and muscles for most parts of the leg. Exercising lower back area helps with this medical condition.


If there is no injury, basic exercise for lower back area is done with a workout station called Roman chair. All that is needed is to be positioned safely with feet locked, which serves as a leverage. Hips are also resting and the only part of the body that actually exercises is torso, with the focus on the lower back muscles. All that has to be done is bending the torso and pulling it up. Hands are behind the head, which requires additional effort for the exercise. Some put the arms across the chest, but the effect of the exercise is much lesser then.

If there is any problem with lower back area, things have to be done a bit differently. A lot of stretching should be included, and it is also important to do that properly. Stretching should be done slowly and without any sudden moves, because this produces the best possible effect. Some additional exercise should be done, too, crouches for example, as they also strengthen the lower back area, although simple walking can also have a positive effect. If there is any problem with lower back area, a doctor should be consulted before any type of workout.

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