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There are people who underestimate the importance of exercisingprocess, disregarding the effect it has on the health of the organism. Andthere are several benefits that the increased the physical activity creates. Someof those are enhancing several systems in the body (respiratory, digestive,metabolic, muscle system etc.).

Physical activities

Perhaps the most important thing physical activities createis fat burning process. It might not seem like the most important one at thefirst glance, but preventing obesity actually helps in avoiding several seriousmedical conditions. Those are diabetes (induced by high levels of glucose inblood stream and cells not being able to absorb it), heart problems, increasedlevels of cholesterol, triglycerides etc. Besides the physical aspect, manypeople who suffer from obesity develop depression because they cannot deal withthe fact their bodies have changed drastically. Loss of self-confidence is alsopresent because of the same thing. Exercising will also make performing of allactivities easier, and that leaves more energy in the body. With a properexercising process (which includes a lot of rest), the immune system is gettingstronger too. Rest is needed because very frequent and intensive training sessionscan exhaust the body easily and that is a direct attack on the immune system.


There are several basic muscle groups that people tend tofocus on while exercising. Those are arms, pecs, abs, and quads. Somehow, othergroups are put in the background. Of course, this happens with recreationalpractitioners. Focus is put on all groups if we are talking about thebodybuilders. One of the muscle groups that should be worked out is located inlower back area. This region is important because exercising it might preventconditions like sciatica and also, strengthening that area will relieve thepressure from the backbone a bit. This is important for those who have extraweight or are simply heavy weighted.

Lower back exercises to strengthen core include severalsimple yet effective techniques. One requires a doggy position with raising oneleg and the opposite hand at the same time. Next exercise is a so-calledbridge. Starting position is lying on the back, palms are on the floor behindthe head and then the lifting begins, with the help of hands and feet. Thereare also several exercises that include using additional weight and those arealso great for the lower back (usually performed by bodybuilders with barbelland dumbbells). For additional strengthening of the core, making abdominalmuscles strong is also important.

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