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Exercising is beneficial for the organism in several ways, it enhances the properties of the immune system, also enhances the function of respiratory and digestive system and, of course, it makes the muscle stronger and reduces the fat tissue. This creates an attractive body so it can be said that exercising boosts self-confidence to a certain point too.

Physical therapy

It is less known that exercising is performed as a form of physical therapy for certain medical problems. If a bone is broken, after a while, developing muscles around that bone is a very important part of the recovery process. There are many exercises that help people who have suffered from some sort of physical trauma or injury and sometimes those exercises are the only effective healing method. One of the most common physical problems is back pain. This usually happens when a sciatic nerve gets pinched in the spine between vertebras, which often happens in the lower, lumbar part of the spine. When this happens, the process of inflammation begins and it affects the tissue that surrounds the sciatic nerve and thus, the pain starts. The problem is that this pain usually spreads further on from this location and might even end in the feet. Also, pain sensations differ quite a lot from one person to another. Sometimes, it is a throbbing pain, sometimes it is sharp occasional pain, sometimes only tingling sense etc.


Of course, there are some exercises to release sciatic nerve pain. Some of them are based on the lying position of the patient. The patient is on the back, with one arm aside torso and the other stretched on the floor above the head. One exercise requires raising that arm and the opposite leg at the same time. This has to be repeated several times and then it is done with another arm and another leg. There are several variations of this exercise which affects the back part of the human core area. Furthermore, some patients might have to use inverse table for eliminating this problem. Inverse table enables a patient to be in an inverse standing position. It is a more or less normal table, but with the mechanism in the middle, which enables it to rotate. With straps for calves, the person can hang upside down. This position is beneficial only because it stretches the spine as much as possible, increasing the space between vertebra and that is needed if we want to release sciatic nerve pain.

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