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Snoring can be defined as a harsh or hoarse sound that one produces while sleeping. Snoring occurs when the breathing is somehow obstructed. Even though it is quite common condition and many people snore at night, in some cases, it is a symptom of an underlying health condition. Furthermore, snoring is very annoying to those who have to listen to it at night. It is estimated that even half of adults snore, at least from time to time.

Snoring occurs when the air that passes near relaxed tissues in the throat causes the tissues to vibrate. Thus, when one breathes, the irritating sounds are produced. The people who snore at night may also experience excessive sleepiness during the next day, lack of concentration, restless sleep and gasping or choking at night. Furthermore, snoring can be accompanied by sore throat, high blood pressure or hypertension, and irregular heartbeats.

Snoring may be caused due to variety of reasons. The anatomy of the mouth and sinuses may be responsible for the occurrence of snoring when one sleeps. Moreover, alcohol consummation, allergies, common cold and body weight, as well as sleep apnea, are some of the potential causes for the incidence of snoring.

Snoring cures

The people who suffer from sleep apnea should use continuous positive airway pressure, abbreviated CPAP. While the person wears a mask over the nose and mouth, the machine besides the bed blows pressurized air into the face through the mask during the night.Dental devices that open the airways in order to prevent snoring are also very effective. Some dental devices fit inside the mouth, while there are those that fit around the outside of the head and adjust the position of the lower jaw.Snoring can be also prevented by a surgery. In the surgery, the airways are increased in size in order to make the breathing easier during a sleep. In these surgeries, the surgeon usually removes the tonsils, adenoids and tissue at the back of the throat.On the other side, there are some other ways to stop snoring, which do not include any devices or medical procedures. Snoring can be stopped by regular exercises that pinpoint the specific airway restriction.Furthermore, since one of the causes of snoring is body weight, one of the ways to stop snoring is to lose body weight.Moreover, it is recommended to sleep on the side and not on the back. The use of the nasal strips and treating of nasal congestion is also recommended when stopping of snoring is in question.

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