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Snoring as a Phenomenon

Many people consider snoring extremelyuncomfortable and embarrassing due to the sound produced in theprocess. Namely, while we are sleeping, the muscles in our throat gettoo relaxed thus narrowing the air pathways causing air friction andvibration we define as snoring. This characteristic sound has beenclaimed to prevent people close to those who produce it from havingenough sleep and lead normal lives due to this deprivation.Furthermore, some sources say that this negative habit has resultedin many divorces and broken hearts, since the non-snoring spouse orpartner is simply not capable of withstanding anymore of this. Also,numerous health conditions regarding heart problems as well as manyothers, have all been proven to be connected with snoring.

Nevertheless, this condition is ofteneasy to be removed. A simple change of a pillow, or making a bedmattress higher in the head part may do the trick. But sometimes,snoring may have it's own benefits. The following claims mostly comefrom people who tend to snore, explaining the very purpose of thishabit.

Confessions of a Snoring Person

Some of the people who snore oftenclaim that this action serves as an excellent indicator of one beingalive, especially after a night out drinking. Subsequently, as longas a person snores, he or she is breathing, and therefore is well.

Other people who tend to snore may findjustifications for their “activity” in statistics. Namely, takinginto consideration that only in the UK, more than 15 million peoplesnore, non-snoring part of the population may end up being the“strange” minority. Additionally, people who snore perhaps onlywant to be alone in their beds, using the snoring technique as theirmeans of achieving such conditions. Remarkably enough, some peoplerecommend sleeping on your back as a great addition to your snoringcapability, resulting in a wider sound range and volume, capable ofmatching even your neighbors who have asked for it since they havebeen snoring you sleepless beforehand.

Those interested in history andcelebrities may be happy to know that Winston Churchill and AbrahamLincoln had snoring habits as well. Moreover, even Elizabeth Taylorand Tom Cruise cause people next to them plenty of sleep deprivationdue to their own frequent snoring.

A Sensible Conclusion

This article may have been futile interms of defending people who snore. However, these people may havecome to these remarks due to their status of not having normalsleeping habits. Most of them have probably been forced to use jawstraps, nasal strips and other items for eliminating snoring, makingthem feel awkward. All in all, people who snore are not aware of theconsequences of their habits. Therefore, this article may act as aplead to their defense, motivating their partners to be moreunderstanding and selfless.

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