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Smoking While Pregnant

Smoking is a terrible habit for one to have, regardless his or her health at any given moment. In fact, any additional problems may only be increased by smoking. Each cigarette contains over 2500 chemicals, many of which are considered poisonous. Cigarettes are added these harmful chemicals in order to burn slower and prolong the smoking experience. However, a person's lifespan is shortened significantly simply by smoking. This makes this unhealthy action simply impossible to be positive in any given way. Thus, what is harmful for every person may only be even worse for pregnant women. Namely, women, while in this delicate and beautiful state, if they are smoking, they risk jeopardizing both their health and the well-being of the child they carry.

What Can Smoking While Pregnant Cause?

There are many negative things to expect once you enjoy yourself indulging in cigarettes while you should put the health of your child first. For starters, smoking while pregnant significantly increases your chances of giving premature birth. This can reflect upon the baby's health, since it will not be able to grow completely, let alone develop all of its necessary functions, which is definitely going to cause problems in the future. Secondly, the pregnant smokers are directly jeopardizing their future child's growth. Namely, statistics have shown that pregnant women who smoke tend to give birth to babies who have lower weight than optimal. This too can be very dangerous for their health since it may cause numerous problems and medical conditions. Finally, chances for having a stillborn or deaths of newborns are also increased simply by this bad habit the mother may have troubles quitting. Nevertheless, researches show that all you need to do in order to ensure your future child's proper growth and delivery date is to stop smoking by the end of the first trimester. However, it is better to quit completely than to risk your baby's health and well-being by trying to prolong your bad habit when you should not.

Smoking Affecting Labor

If you are a smoking mother-to-be, you have to be aware of the possible dangers this habit of yours may cause during the process of giving birth. Smoking may trigger premature rupture of the membranes, making you need to deliver before the optimal period. Additionally, during labor, some placental problems may be triggered, posing a great threat to your baby and increasing the necessity for a cesarean delivery.

Additional Problems

If you plan on having a baby or babies one day, it is best that you do not smoke since, by indulging in this activity, you reduce your fertility significantly. Moreover, keeping smoking your habit after your baby is born will affect its health greatly since second-hand smoke may cause numerous different complications in child's health including the sudden infant death syndrome and numerous respiratory and ear problems.

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