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Introduction to dry feet

When a person has the dry feet, it is often a fairly painful condition and the most painful consequences of dry feet are cracked heels. This condition is more likely to occur to a person during the summer when the weather is warmer and when a person has dry feet, then the skin will look very rough and unattractive in most cases.

It can also lead to very painful and uncomfortable walking for many people.

The main cause of dry feet is improper foot care and not getting enough moisture into the skin of the feet. There are cures, however, that can remedy the problem if used on a regular basis. Treatment

The best treatment for dry feet is to use skin moisturizers on a regular basis. However, it is important to scrub off all of the dry, dead skin from the feet before actually applying the moisturized in order to get it into the healthy skin and to keep it well moisturized.

This scrubbing off procedure can be done with a pumice stone and this technique of getting rid of the dead skin is commonly referred to as exfoliation. This must be done in order to expose the new, soft skin behind the dry skin that is dead.

However, people should not scrub very aggressively, because they can run a chance of not only getting rid of the dry skin but also damaging the healthy skin as well.

Once the exfoliation has been completed, it is then time to apply cream to the feet generously and to then allow time for the moisturized to soak into the skin and heal it.

Some of the best moisturizers to use are cocoa butter and petroleum jelly. The best course of action is to perform this at night before bed, because it is a perfect time to let everything soak in, because a person is usually sleeping without any socks on, which also allows the skin on the feet to breath.

Epsom salt is another good remedy, and it is especially wise to use it if a person has a more extreme case of cry feet. Just mix the salt with some lukewarm water and then soak the feet in the mixture for about 20 minutes.

After this procedure, it is time to exfoliate once again. After the soaking, the dry and dead skin will be able to be taken off the feet much more easily.

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