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Cracked feet are pretty common and there are a lot of people who suffer from it. Even though the problem of cracked feet is not a serious one it is still pretty troublesome due to the fact that it does not provide a pretty sight. However, people need not worry too much since there are a lot of home remedies that will treat the condition.

One of the main reasons why people experience the problems of cracked feet is because they do not take as much care of the feet as they do about face of hands. According to the experts, feet are the most neglected parts of the body. Severe winter causes as much cracked feet as improper care. When dry feet are considered, it is always the heels of the feet that are cracked. However, people should know that it is not hard to take proper care of the feet by using certain home remedies.

Natural remedies for dry and cracked feet

An excellent and simple remedy for cracked feet is using ripe bananas and applying them directly on the cracked heel. A person should first make a pulp and remove it after 15 minutes since applying it using lukewarm water.

One of the oldest known homemade remedies for dry and cracked feet is a mixture of petroleum jelly and lemon juice. A person should simply rub the mixture where dryness is visible but it is best that a person applies it before going to sleep and covering the feet with socks. There are a lot of people who use glycerin and rose water when they experience dry and cracked feet. A person should soak the feet in this mixture once per week. The same treatment can be performed with water and lemon juice.

Coconut oil is an excellent remedy for cracked feet and a person should just apply it to the dry area. Apart from these most common treatments, there are many more that people can try at home. Feet care tips

First of all, people should generally take more care about their feet. Not only a person with cracked feet should clean them before going to sleep but every person should. By doing this, a person will reduce the chance of suffering from cracked feet. Applying a moisturizing cream before going to sleep a person will also reduce that risk. Making sure that feet are not exposed to sunlight, wind, dirt and grime is also important.

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