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Scaly feet is a problem characterized by very dry and flaky skin that lost its elasticity. The scales are actually thin flakes of dead skin, or more precisely, of dry skin cells from the top layers of the skin. Outbreaks of dry skin are usually accompanied by the feeling of tightness and itching. Scratching the feet can cause irritation and skin damage and possibly complications, such as infections.

Causes of scaly feet

Like in many health problems, the cause for scaly feet can be traced back to poor nutrition. Human body needs essential nutrients, and if one of them is deficient, there will be consequences for the health. Skin needs all the nutrients and it also needs to be hydrated, both from the inside and from the outside.

Improper skin care can also be the cause for scaly feet. Feet are particularly prone to dryness and they need a lot of care and protection. Skin of the feet can suffer from too hot or too cold weather, wind and dry air, as well as from harsh cosmetic products, improper footwear and infections, like fungus. The skin first becomes dry and itchy and then it starts forming scales. This particularly affects the soles of the feet and the spaces between the toes.

Treatment for scaly feet

There are many options for solving the problem with scaly feet, and most of them involve topical creams and ointments, as well as home-made natural remedies.

Before proceeding with the application of remedies, it is important to prepare the feet. The first thing is to wash them or soak them in some warm water. The feet should then be dried thoroughly with a clean towel. The next step is exfoliation. The purpose of exfoliating products is to gently remove as much dead skin cells as possible. This will instantly leave the feet softer. Exfoliation can be done using a sponge or exfoliating gloves and brushes, but also with kosher salt or sand, ground apricot stone and special exfoliating creams.

After exfoliating, the feet should be moisturized. One of the best moisturizers is petroleum jelly, but there are creams made especially for the feet that also work great. It is recommended to moisturize the feet at night and to wear clean cotton socks that lock the moisture in and protect the linens but also allow the skin to breathe.

Vitamin E oil is also highly recommended for those who suffer from scaly feet. It repairs and prevents damage to the skin, nourishes and enriches it and promotes new cell growth. Vitamin E capsules are available over the counter and they should be broken or cut open and the liquid applied directly to the skin.

Olive oil also does wonders for many different skin problems, and scaly feet are among them. The best way to use it is to mix it with a carrier, like vitamin E oil or lavender oil.

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