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Step aerobics is a type of aerobic exercise that uses an elevated platform to perform series of rhythmic movements. Step aerobics classes are very popular, and they are often offered in every local fitness center. This is typically a group exercise program, but one can easy perform it alone, at home. One doesn’t need any kind of expensive equipment. Everything one needs to start with the step aerobics training is the stepper, comfortable sports shoes and some nice music. For more advanced training, one can use lighter dumbbells, a resistance band, or a stability ball.
Benefits of step aerobics
As any other aerobic exercise, step aerobics offers fantastic benefits for cardiovascular health, and it helps to burn calories. This is one of the greatest ways to lose some weight by engaging into the fast movement training. The amount of calories burned also depends on the step height and the length of exercise. This fitness program builds up endurance, improves gait and balance. It is a great way to increase the flexibility of the body and lubricate the joints. Step aerobics is suitable for all ages, and it also helps to release a lot of stress.
Step aerobics choreography
The basic step includes starting position centered in front of the board. One steps up the board with the right foot and then steps up the board with the left foot. In a fast rhythmic motion, the right foot comes down to the floor while the left foot follows.
The A step is also one of the basic movements in step aerobics. The exercise starts by standing in front of the board while facing left. Right foot comes up to the center of the board, while the left foot follows up next to it. One rhythmically steps down backwards to the floor with the right foot and, again, follows down backwards to the floor with the left foot. The step starts and ends with feet on the opposite end of the board.
The step called “Around the World” starts from the right side of the bench. The right foot steps up bringing the left knee up. Now it’s important to slightly straddle down and step with the left foot while coming off the bench. The body turns to the left side and steps with the left foot. The right knee comes up, while the body straddles down. On the next step, the right foot comes off from the board.
One can repeat these simple movements for as long as it is comfortable.

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