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A few tips on exercises for great legs

Even though both men and women are more or less equally obsessed with looking good and attractive, when it comes to the legs, it is a fact that women are more concerned with their looks. The best way to make them look exactly as one wants is exercising, because there are special exercises which can give great results in a very short time, provided they are performed correctly and regularly. This is why a person in question might want to consider hiring a professional trainer, just to be on the safe side. However, for all those who are willing to do something on their own, it will be useful to know that there are exercises that can be done at home, which means that gyms are not always necessary. The only thing that they need to have in mind is that a proper warming up is necessary in order to avoid possible injuries.Exercises that will get you great legs!

Back-lunge is definitely one of the best and most recommended exercises, and what is even better is that it is perfect for beginners, because it is not difficult to perform it. It is done in a standing position, while feet are kept together. The abs should be tight, and chest put out, while hands can be on hips if no additional weight is used. First, a step forward is made with the right foot and both knees are bent as low as possible. If the right knee can touch the floor, it is great, but it is not a big deal if it cannot. What is necessary to bear in mind is that the left shin and right ankle should be straight. Then the person returns to the initial position and squeezes the butt while standing. The same is done with the other leg, and 3 or 4 series of 10 repetitions are enough for a start.

Another recommended exercise is known as one leg bench step up. A bench bolted on the floor is necessary, and while standing in the bench, the person squats down but only using one leg. If it is left, then it needs to be curled up. To pull up into the bench the arms need to be used, and hamstrings and glutes should be used to get beck to the initial position.

Aside from this exercise, those that are also recommended are angled kneeling, knee bends, knee bounce, inner and outer thigh trimmer, hip slimmer, butt firmer and seated single leg lift.

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